Did you know a brand new French Oak Wine barrel can cost anywhere from $800-$1200?  Our USED French Oak barrels start at just $199 and they're still in excellent condition. 

For wineries that are wanting to barrel age their wine without the massive expense of purchasing new barrels, need look no further. We offer neutral red and white barrels that have been washed, ozoned and gassed. These barrels are termed neutral becuase most all of the oak flavor has been extracted from the barrel by previous vintages. However, not all wine needs oak flavor! Maybe it's not the oak flavor you're after but the previous cabernet or chardonnay wine flavor. You can still call your wine barrel aged even if it's aged in a used barrel. Barrel aged wine commands a higher price and why not get into the program at a reasonable price!


neutral red cabernet barrel

cabernet barrel

Used neutral barrels are an integral part of nearly every barrel aging program in larger wineries across the globe.     

Still need that oak flavor?  Try adding oak chips or spirals to wine in a neutral barrel.  You'll still get all the benefits of barrels aging as well as the oak flavor.

Don't put a white wine in a neutral red barrel and expect it come out white....


neutral white chardonnay barrel

chardonnary barrel

Neutral white wine barrels are still usable for aging and storing wine.  Your wine can be considered "barrel aged" regardless if it's in a new or used barrel.

We typically stock French, American, Hungarian and Eastern European Oak barrels.

All our wine barrels have been wash, ozoned, sulfured and are guaranteed to be Brett and VA free.