Wine and Bourbon Barrel Heads

Wine and Bourbon Barrel Heads

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These barrels heads come from barrels that are no longer usable as whole barrels.

The heads are raw and come just the way they were taken off the barrel.  They will be dirty, have scuff marks, may have wording from the winery, distillery or cooperage where they came from.  Keep in mind that these come off of used barrels so they are not in perfect condition.  We always recommend gluing the heads together with wood glue because the only thing that hold them together is wood dowels.  They may also need to be sanded down.  

Please choose between bourbon barrel heads or wine barrel heads.  On the bourbon heads one side will be charred black.  On the wine heads, one side will be stained red or white from the wine. 

Dimensions: 1" Thick , 20-23" Diameter (this may vary slightly)
Description: American or French Oak, Beveled Edges

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