Furniture/Decoration Grade Wine Barrel

Furniture/Decoration Grade Wine Barrel


These are retired wine barrels that come straight from California! They work perfectly for DIY projects, wedding decor, furniture and decorations.

Barrels will have some wear on the outside with plenty of character and will have 6 to 8 steel bands.  These barrels are still perfectly useble for furniture and decoration.

It is not recommended to use these for aging beverages.  They will however hold liquid so using them as rain barrels is perfectly fine.

If you're looking for barrels for aging beer, wine or other beverages, please check out the neutral red and white barrels.  

Pictures give a general idea of what the barrels will look like.  Inventory is constantly rotating with different looking barrels.

Dimensions: 35-37" H x 26-28" W (in center), 120 lbs.  If you purchase 2 or more we will always send barrels that are the same dimensions, unless otherwise requested.

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