Furniture/Decoration Grade Bourbon Barrel - Grade B

Furniture/Decoration Grade Bourbon Barrel - Grade B

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These are retired whiskey barrels and were last used to age beer! These are more rustic and distressed looking than the wine barrels. They have been used for a much longer period of time - at least 4 years of aging whiskey and 2 or more aging beer. They work perfectly for DIY projects, furniture and decoration.

Grade B barrels are still in solid condition and the steel bands are tight. These barrels do not get cleaned after being used so please expect some residual material inside the barrel. This is easily rinsed out.

No barrel is alike. The pictures show the general look of the type of barrel. Don't expect your barrel to look exactly as the ones in the pictures.

All barrels will come with a wood bung.

Dimensions: 35" H x 26" W (in center), 120 lbs

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