Furniture/Decoration Grade Bourbon Barrel - Grade A

Furniture/Decoration Grade Bourbon Barrel - Grade A


These are retired bourbon barrels are from a variety of well known distilleries. They are more rustic and distressed looking than wine barrels.  

They have been used for a much longer period of time - at least 4 years for aging bourbon or whiskey. They work perfectly for DIY projects, furniture and decoration and are easier to work with than the lower quality Grade B barrels.

These barrels are a higher grade than the Grade B bourbon barrels. They are not top fill barrels like the Grade B, so they just have a bung hole on the side. Grade A Barrels will also have markings from the distillery where they were used, for example - Panther Distillery, Heaven Hill, Wild Turkey, Willett and Cedar Ridge.

No barrel is alike. The pictures show the general look of the type of barrel. Please don't expect your barrel to look exactly as the ones in the pictures.

Dimensions: 35" H x 26" W (in center), 120 lbs. 53 gallons.

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