15-Gallon Small Batch Wheat Whiskey

15-Gallon Small Batch Wheat Whiskey

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15-gallon barrels from Five Points Distilling in Forney, Texas - a.k.a. Lone Elm Whiskey. A premium grain-to-glass distillery that makes a 95-point rated wheat whiskey from locally grown wheat. Mash bill consisting of 90/10 soft red winter wheat / malted barley.

These barrels are ideal to age your beer, wine, cider, mead and other spirits.

*Barrels are no longer wet inside and will need to be swelled with hot water prior to filling.

Medium Char, American Oak.

Dimensions: 18x18x24”, 50 lbs

Don’t forget your silicone bungs. This barrel size requires a #11 bung.

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