Fresh 15-Gallon Small Batch Wheat Whiskey

Fresh 15-Gallon Small Batch Wheat Whiskey


Freshly emptied 15-gallon barrels from Five Points Distilling in Forney, Texas - a.k.a. Lone Elm Whiskey. A premium grain-to-glass distillery that makes a 95-point rated wheat whiskey from locally grown wheat. Mash bill consisting of 90/10 soft red winter wheat / malted barley.

These barrels are ideal to age your beer, wine, cider, mead and other spirits.

Medium Char, American Oak.

All barrels are backed by the MWBC guarantee and are ready to be filled.

Dimensions: 18x18x24”, 50 lbs

Don’t forget your silicone bungs. This barrel size requires a #11 bung.

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