Sell us your barrels

I have barrels to sell. Can I sell them to mwbc?

Yes, you can.  We prefer to buy barrels in lots of 100 or more but are open to inquiries about barrels you may have to sell.

Just fill out the form to give us some information about the barrels you've got and we'll contact you.

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Billing Address
When were they/will they be emptied? *
When were they/will they be emptied?
Excellent - Aging Barrels (solid, right, and suitable for aging) Good - Aging Barrels (suitable for aging, but may require rehydration) Fair - Decor/Furniture Barrels (water tight, but not suitable for aging) Poor - Decor/Furniture Barrels (not water tight. not suitable for aging. barrels may collapse or are missing pieces)