Looking for a basic barrel to use as decoration in your home or landscape?  Or maybe to make a table or break down and make some adirondack chairs?

We sell both wine and bourbon barrels that have been retired from aging beverages. Now they are ready for all of those Pinterest and ETSY projects you've been itching to try.  



Furniture grade wine barrel

Authentic California wine barrels

Retired from aging wine and are now perfect for all those DIY projects. 


furniture grade whiskey barrel

53-gallon American Oak

Straight from bourbon and whiskey country,  they have been used at least 4 years to age whiskey and are now ready for you.

temple rye whiskey barrel.jpg

Specialty whiskeY barrel

SPecialty whiskey barrels

We occasionally get small numbers of whiskey barrels with nice logos and lettering on them from their previous distillery.  We never know exactly what we'll have (if any), so contact us to check our unique barrel inventory.

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