A quality barrel aging program is an integral part of nearly every brewery and Midwest Barrel Company is here to meet all your barrel needs.  We specialize in sourcing premium used wine and whiskey barrels for breweries from all over the world.  We specialize in wine and bourbon barrels but constantly have a changing stock of unique barrels including: rum, gin, cider, sherry and tequila.  

All liquid grade wine barrels have been washed, steamed ozoned,  gassed and are guaranteed to be brett and VA free.  It is recommended that wine barrels be swelled with hot water prior to filling.  

Our premium grade Once-Used, Freshly Dumped Bourbon and Whiskey barrels are inspected and pressure checked for leaks.  We DO NOT carry a large inventory of bourbon and whiskey barrels compared to other brokers.  Instead we bring in what we know will sell within in a 2-week time period.  This way we sell only the freshest and highest quality barrels on the market.

Contact us to check current inventory or reserve barrels on the next load.



neutral red cabernet barrel

cabernet barrELS

Wine barrels are the staple of any barrel aging program.  The possibilities are endless for the types of beer and cider that can be aged in red wine barrels.  Remember, these are neutral barrels, so the oak your aging beverage will pick-up is minimal.

Have you tried aging your sour beers in wine barrels yet?


neutral white chardonnay barrel

chardonnary barrels

Chardonnay barrels were one of the first types of barrels used for aging craft beer.  The chardonnay flavor compliment lighter barrel aged brews very nicely.   

Unlike red wine barrels, the Chardonnay barrels won't turn your beer pink!


2016-04-20 16.12.32_edited.jpg

once-used, fresh-dumped kentucky bourbon barrel

kentucky bourbon barrels

By far one of the most sought after barrels by any barrel aging program.  We take pride in sourcing the freshest barrels possible.  

Our Single-Use, Freshly-Dumped bourbon/whiskey barrels are emptied at the distillery just a few days before we get them.  Quite often, there is still a bottle or two of whiskey swishing around in the barrel when they arrive.

Please inquire for available brands and quantities as inventory changes constantly.

Typical brands include: Heaven Hill, Four Roses, Buffalo Trace, Jack Daniels & Wild Turkey.